Setting up presentations or displays can either be very easy, or very difficult. Many factors can have a huge effect on how the whole process goes. The equipment in particular has great bearing on whether or not a display is designed to travel. In many cases, a roll up stand for a large display can be a wonderful advantage.
These stands operate the very same as a roller shade. A banner or display clicks into stand and then can be rolled out. The other end is then pulled up and connected to the top of a pole. There are some in which the roller portion attaches at the top and is pulled down, just as a projection screen.
Learning how to set one up is fairly simple. Some of them can be rather tall when fully set up, so it may actually require two people in order to do. Once getting the hang of it, these can be quickly set up. Knowing that they will not incur additional time to set up can be comforting to many managers. The ease and speed factor is something that should be considered when deciding what sort of stand to buy.
Having a stand that easily portable is a feature that is extremely valuable when needing to travel, or having to give the same presentation in several different locations. These are compact and easy to carry. Though heavier than many other stands, the fact that they are not bulky tends to make up for it. That makes it ideal to select for this purpose.
When compared to other types of display stands, these do tend to be more durable. Again, this fits very well with traveling. They will stand up to car travel, but also train or air travel. Though they should be handled with care, they can in fact take quite a beating and still work well.
As with anything, there are drawbacks. In this case, it happens to be the cost. These are time and labor intensive to create, and therefore are considerably more expensive that other stands that function in the same way. Should one require repairing, that can also become costly. Generally speaking, once damaged they need to be replaced.
Acting with care and attention when setting up and taking down a display stand such as this will avoid most damage. Acting in haste would risk tearing the display itself. Think about the issues that roller shades have when the shade does not line up properly when it goes up. It can get stuck, or even torn. The same issues persist with these stands.
The roll up stand can cost more money up front. In the event that it is damaged it can be costly to repair or replace. These are clear disadvantages. The advantages are that they travel quite easily, they are simple to set up, and they are durable. These may not be suitable for every purpose, so be certain to carefully consider what is really required for the situation.