When I teach people the program of Feng Shui I always stress the significance of creating a balanced environment where everything works together in perfect harmony. If you have made a balanced and harmonious environment you’re half way to cooking one that is full of positive Feng Shui. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot more to cooking positive Feng Shui than creating balance but this certainly will always be your beginning. And making a balanced environment is simple if you be aware of the principles of yin and yang.

Yin and yang include the opposite forces that define the universe. Yin is dark, quiet, restful, still, curved and natural whilst yang is bright, light, loud, active, angular and manmade. Yin could be the time between in the event the sun dips it head below the horizon to if it wakens at the outset of a brand new day whilst yang follows sunlight as it moves with the sky between dawn and dusk. Yin is autumn and winter when plants give with their fruit before going to sleep and regenerating themselves and yang is summer and spring when plants begin to grow before showing their full glory. When looking at the earth in the context of your own home and garden, houses being manmade structures represent yang energy. It is therefore important that gardens are kept relatively yin to produce that a sense harmony and oneness.

To keep your garden is predominantly yin it has to be kept as natural as it can be, it must be a garden which works with environmental surroundings as opposed to one that seeks to produce an environment. Flowers, bushes and trees should continually be kept as natural as you can and able to flourish without having to be aggressively pruned, colours really should be kept predominantly muted with brightness kept down and any pathways or terraces must be kept curved and flowing. Any structures, including raised beds, sheds or pagodas should ideally be produced out of natural materials and covered with plants that happen to be encouraged to grow over and around them. To help your property blend using the garden the sharp corners of the house ought to be disguised and covered with trailing plants or bushes so your whole sense you obtain when you look at your own home and garden is but one where they search as though they belong together. The lines between the spot that the house ends plus the garden begins must be blurred and indistinct.

Sadly lots of gardens you see in the UK nowadays are not appearing to adhere to these principles, and thus any Feng Shui cures or enhancements that folks make need to work two times as hard to develop the hoped for effects. In an attempt to generate more time for ourselves we strive to build attractive gardens which might be low maintenance but often these gardens look unnatural and require a huge amount of our own personal energy to ensure that they’re looking good. Many gardens today are landscaped to add ponds, patios and pathways, there’s an abundance of pots and garden ornaments along with the predominant fashion is apparently for lots of shingle and concrete and larger decked areas. But whatever they lack is greenery and balance. These gardens appear like an extension of your home, attractive, modern, well maintained but ultimately artificial. With neat, sharp lines and use of manmade materials including concrete and brick gardens such as the house are filled with yang energy.

An environment which is predominantly yang will result in energy to advance too fast inside a jerky, disjointed motion. If your environment is just too big yang many times yourself living life moving in one crisis to a new, constantly living for the back foot looking to find another hour in on a daily basis. If this describes your daily life, as opposed to immediately reaching for a Feng Shui enhancement or cure firstly assess your environment to check on that your own home and outside space adequately reflect the principles of yin and yang. And if your backyard is stuffed with neat lines plus an abundance of concrete let nature begin to take over. Creating the right balance between yin and yang would be the first step inside your journey to filling your environment with positive Feng Shui.