The duplication of marital property is not an easy task, especially when it comes to emotional ties, not to mention the fact that the question of who actually belongs is not always clear. Before signing a real estate transaction agreement, it is important to understand your marital property rights. For more information, please see the additional resources below. The parties agree that the present value of equity on the farm is “. At a time when the youngest child is eighteen years old, when the high school is graduated or emancipated, whatever happens first, the house is sold and the equity is distributed equitably /equitably between the parties: ” – to the interviewees. Alternatively, the resident of the farm receives a home loan at any time until that date and pays his share to the non-resident party. The resident party agrees to pay interest on the non-resident party`s share from the day of the divorce to the date of payment. It is important to note that it is strongly recommended that this agreement be designed and/or verified by a qualified mediator or divorce lawyer, not something that you or your spouse create on your own without consulting a defence lawyer. There are legal conditions that must be used and conditions that must be established for your marital transaction contract to be legal and binding; it`s not a good scenario to have something obscure. It`s always better to have a lawyer working on your behalf.

A real estate transaction agreement is the final agreement that has been reached between you and your spouse. It includes your distribution of property, childcare, child care and the possibility of food. All this information is written as part of the real estate transaction agreement and is included in your divorce decree. The agreement will ultimately be enforceable as a court order. In the absence of a signed and notarized PSA that clearly states that neither party can file for divorce at fault, the other party may be in the process of a guilty divorce because of desertion/desertion. If the other party is required, it could technically influence a judge`s decision on the allocation of assets and debt. Although most judges in Northern Virginia do not apply much weight to such land, lawyers will present evidence of desertion and abandonment when sharing and distributing property, because the law requires it. They really have no choice, because of the abuses, but they will be the ones who will have to pay dearly for the emotional burden and financial emigration for this ill-drafted law. A real estate transaction contract clearly defines each party`s rights and obligations after a divorce.

Shemtob Draganosky Taylor`s lawyers are competent and far-sighted. When discussing and negotiating divorce issues, they may raise important issues that have not been considered. Our lawyers will work with you to protect your rights in your divorce plan. If you have questions about what is going on in the development of a real estate transaction contract and how Seed`s mediation proceeds in the settlement of divorce cases, call Robin Seed at 571-220-1998. If you decide to start the trial before consulting a lawyer, you can do so by acquiring the corresponding legal forms in your local district court. Your marital settlement agreement should include the following: As you go through the process of separating your other important, you will have to make several difficult decisions, including how to assign your property. If you need help developing or verifying a real estate transaction contract or if you have other questions about the divorce process, it may be in your best interest to contact an experienced divorce lawyer near you. 5. In the event of a dispute over the application of this agreement, the majority party is entitled to its reasonable costs and legal costs.