1. The provisions of EU law relating to the protection of EU classified information and Euratom`s classified information apply to classified information received by the United Kingdom before the end of the transitional period or on the basis of this agreement, or obtained by the United Kingdom or a Member State before the end of the transitional period or on the basis of this agreement. 2. If the EU and the United Kingdom fail to reach an agreement, within forty-five days from the date of notification, to determine whether the notified measure brings the respondent into compliance with the provisions of this agreement, each party may request in writing the original arbitration panel to rule on the matter. This request is communicated simultaneously to the other party. The arbitration panel`s decision is notified to the EU and the United Kingdom and to the Joint Committee within 75 days of filing the application. 1. If the European Commission considers that the United Kingdom has breached a treaty obligation or the fourth part of this agreement before the expiry of the transitional period, the European Commission may refer the matter to the European Court of Justice within four years of the end of the transition period, in accordance with the requirements of Article 258 of the EUF tfsA or paragraph 2, paragraph 2, of the EUF. The European Court of Justice has jurisdiction over such cases. (8) A subsequent agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom indicates the parts of this protocol it replaces. As soon as an after-the-fact agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom enters into force after the withdrawal agreement enters into force, this Protocol does not apply, in whole or in part, from the date of application of this subsequent agreement and in accordance with the provisions of this agreement which specify the effects of that agreement on it.

Subject to paragraph 3, point (d), Part 5 of this agreement is not affected. The safeguards covered by Article 15 and Chapter VI of Directive 2004/38/EC apply to any decision taken by the host Member State that limits the right of residence of persons covered by Article 10 of this agreement. Framework agreements concluded before the end of the transitional period that did not expire on the last day of the transitional period and have not been terminated; Or specific obligations arising from international agreements Methods and principles concerning the effect, implementation and application of this agreement The notification contains the provisions that the complainant intends to suspend. Before deciding to suspend parts of an agreement covered in point (b), the complainant first considers whether the suspension of the provision of this agreement in point (a) would be an appropriate response to the offence.