Cancellation of student accommodation contractThe terms and conditions of your student accommodation contract are respected in order to obtain information on cancellation fees and deadlines. There are certain dates up to which you can cancel and the corresponding fees depending on when you terminate your student accommodation contract. Students who wish to terminate their housing contract should contact the apartment gate (accessible via the link) or visit the housing and accommodation centre located on the second floor of Argos Hall. For most of our residents, this will be the first time they have lived with a roommate. Not all residents share a room, but many do. Most residents also share a bathroom with straight-away colleagues, roommates or hallway colleagues. While it may be different to live at home, remember that with Change comes a period of adaptation. Our residents are happy to live in environments where they can meet other people and make new friends. Sharing a home with another can be challenging, but also opportunities.

All residents will complete a roommate contract form shortly after arrival to facilitate the transition to life. For the most part, the transition period is only one or two weeks. Before you know it, the semester will be over and you won`t leave! Roommate agreementAll residents are required to enter into a roommate contract at the beginning of the transfer to their room. Resident assistants and community managers use the roommate agreement to open a discussion with each resident and address any real and/or potential conflicts of roommates. The roommate agreement, which was agreed and signed by all the roommates and a member of the housing education staff, is a binding agreement. If conflicts with roommates persist, all roommates are encouraged to attend mediation with the Resident Life Coordinator or The Life Coordinator Resident Assistant. Abandoned real estate investments that are left in the room/suite/apartment or in the common areas of the residences after the expiry of the study contract or the cancellation of the student residence contract are classified as abandoned property. Residents have 30 days to use their property. After 30 days, the university reserves the right to dispose of all abandoned real estate. If you leave your room because you no longer live in your room (at the end of the year, change rooms or cancel a student accommodation contract), you must evacuate your room, unseal your Room Condition Report (RCR) with your RA/CM and return your keys to your office on the validity date until midnight.