In 2017, WHO awarded 644 individual consultant contracts for a total value of $27,432,179.42; and 113 APWs with individual contractors with a total value of $4,647,853.13. simple contracts, mainly in this area, for goods and/or services up to a certain value, complexity or risk of liability. For contracts that exceed the EU threshold, notification to applicants and bidders informing them of the outcome must contain specific information when awarding contracts, as set out in the regulations. After identifying the weakest responsible bidder for competitive and informal bids and approving the award of the contract, the agreement and other contractual documents are sent to the bidder for execution (signature and restitution). Once the signed documents have been returned and a pre-price conference has determined that all necessary bids are acceptable, the contract is executed by the university and therefore validated and assigned to the bidder (designated at this point as a contractor). (See RD1.11, recommendation on contracting. An employment contract cannot be less than the legal minimum provided by law: capital projects financed by state tax obligations require the presentation of the summary of the offer and other supporting documents to the office of the President for verification and treatment at the National Construction Board (SPWB) for approval of the award of the contract of work. Other supporting documents include (1) a cover letter outlining the offer in relation to the range of offers, deductive alternatives to be accepted for maintaining the project budget and all other important information; (2) a new capital improvement budget (base 1) based on the amount of supply; (3) a timetable for reducing construction; and (4) an updated project schedule. After approval by the SPWB for the award of the work contract, the Office of the President of the Facility indicates that it can award the work contract and transfer the construction equipment of the balances not allocated to the public of factory expenses (see 3.3.2). If the lowest responsible bidder refuses to sign the agreement (contract delay), the facility may require payment from the weak supplier`s guarantee company. In this situation, go to the General`s office to obtain an appropriate language to include it in the “Letter of Requirement” to the surety. Before executing the contract, the facility must obtain the signed agreement from the most responsible bidder and obtain the required items in the selection notice (see item 8.4). For all documents that are part of contractual instruments, the order of priority is very important.

As a general rule, it is the terms and conditions of the order or contract that prevail over the terms and conditions and other documents. In 2018, WHO has 56 individual consultant contracts with individual consultants with a total value of $1,470,253.20 and 8 service delivery agreements (OAPs) with a total value of $155,295.22; General external services with a total value of USD 114,693.52; and 1 non-subsidy letter, with a total value of 24,599.59. A public service mission is a legally enforceable obligation of a party to carry out the work or improvements desired by a public authority. Public procurement is, to a large extent, governed by the common law of contracts. Individuals and businesses are becoming stricter standards in their dealings with government than in private trade.