Today, “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine is amongst the most popular home magazines sold. For years it is showing people anything from how to get clutter outside of a house in which plants may be grown in doors. It also has revealed countless recipes and quick-fix meals. Various crafts were also show cased.


This magazine actually obtained under the title of “Fruit, Garden and Home” in 1922, and was published with the Meredith Corporation. This was loved ones and home service magazine. Then in 1924 the name was changed to “Better Homes and Gardens”. When it first hit the newsstands you could buy it for $.10 a replica. The price for to sign up for a year was just $.35

Several years later in 1930 to become exact, a cookbook beneath the same name on the magazine was published. Building Ideas was published being a special interest publication under “Better Homes and Gardens” in 1937.

Then in 1978 a true estate service was launched in the Better Homes and Gardens name. Also the Australian version from the magazine was published. A quilting magazine in the Better Homes and Gardens name arrived in 1993 offering much more information for folks on home activities.


The latest circulation figure because of this magazine is really a whopping 7,688,000 people. Now that is a significant following!


Since at the beginning of the publication in the magazine the material has been in line with the home as well as its garden areas. Included in the topics with the home have even been craft ideas people will make on their own. Also various tips on home d├ęcor happen to be included to help you one decorate their home. Tips on planting seeds and attending to plants are even a part of one current issue with this magazine.

From a 1940’s here is how easy ironing was then to January 2010 article regarding how to cut down the clutter in your house among other things, this magazine strives for being of assist to people. This magazine has received recipes on various items from cookies to bread puddings.

The recipes are common kitchen tested to be sure they work. This magazine has offered obviously any good food guide during the past. It is a significant job to plan meals for a household and magazines exactly like it make the job easier.

In the July 1963 issue had a short article “How to Stay Young and Look Great”. It seems like the population does not alteration of what they need to study since many content articles are written today on that same subject. In 1965 an issue arrived showcasing which campers were the most recent on the market.