It is a requirement to have a corporate secretary in Singapore if you own a business here. It is understandable why this is the law because there are so many different regulations that a business owner must adhere to. Someone who owns a business is likely busy handling the management of the actual company and does not have time to deal with the legal ins and outs that every company has. Within six months of establishing a successful business, every business owner must have a corporate secretary. When I reached that point, I already knew which company I was going to use to get a secretary of my own.

My brother owns a company here as well. He has been successful for the last ten years, and his business just continues to grow by leaps and bounds every single year. He has faced many obstacles, including two audits, but he has come through each one because of the company secretary who oversees that part of his business. His secretary’s duties are plentiful, and he performs each one to the highest standard, which is why I went with my brother’s recommendation when I needed one for my own new business.

That was over a year ago, and I am very happy with my choice. The company secretary has exceeded my expectations! He updates the statutory registers, files all changes to ACRA, attends the board meetings as well as preps them, and so much more. That is the first recommendation that I followed from my brother, but it certainly was not the last. He has such a successful history with his own company, and he owes a lot of that to the diligence of his company secretary. I am well on my way to following his footsteps, and I owe a lot of that to my own company secretary too!