I Thought This Was Very Strange

I have been doing a lot of messing around on reddit and other social media and I have become really confused when I happened to learn that you can buy reddit upvotes. I just can not see the purpose, but I suppose there must be people who figured out ways to make money on the platform. Obviously I know that there are plenty of people who make a lot of money on the other platforms. There are kids on YouTube making millions doing toy reviews and of course there are all sorts of people there who specialize in making videos of every sort. Some of them try to be funny or entertaining in some way, others try to inform the audience. Of course they are informing them about video games most of the time it would seem. They have twitch which is where people have other people watching them play video games, which seems like a foolish thing to me.

If you have enough followers on Instagram or something, then you can become what they call a social media influencer. I know the woman who was caught trying to get her daughter into some college, well the daughter was making a lot of money playing a spoiled rich kid on the internet. I can just think about what my great grandfather would have thought about this if he were still alive. Of course he used to tell me about working for a coal mine and saying that you needed a really good mule to make a good day’s pay back in the olden days. I do not think that people from that era could even imagine the world that we live in today, of course my forefathers were all poor and they worked themselves to death trying to make an honest living.

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