There are a lot of articles and in some cases “how to” videos around regarding home and garden design tips. A recurring theme would be to tie the patio décor while using colors and textures on the inside with the house. Of course, you simply won’t put a 2nd expensive lounge couch outdoors… perhaps get yourself a rattan piece in a very similar color and design for your patio. Theme lanterns that project a pattern can reflect interior décor. You get the idea.

But, what should you do with a yard this is not necessarily flat or doesn’t fit the original shape and size dimensions which are in the magazines???

Give it some character. Of course, tie it on the home interior with colors, woods, and materials around is practical. However, making a terrace -or a number of them- may take a nightmare yard and change it into something exclusively yours.

Elevating and leveling areas with some other materials for instance wood decking, concrete, or paver stones can give your patio area a character it’s own. A series of steps up to and including seating area with comfortable garden and patio furniture surrounding a fireplace pit is certainly one idea. Embedding lighting on the path and steps help keep everyone safe.

A structurally sound terrace can take an outdoor spa along with a privacy wall with weather protection holds a big screen TV and outdoor head unit. If your spa area has already been above the level with the patio or entry it’s fine to use a level between to make dry and ease the trek back towards the patio.

Your outdoor home can be by itself level with the barbeque, preparation tables, and integrated refrigerator grouped together to cook ease.

Garden fountains are a way to give your outdoor environs some character. There is something calming and serene about flowing water. These are easily obtainable in lots of sizes and configurations and could be installed easily. Fountains are already common garden pieces for thousands of years and will add an even or 2 to basic patio or garden décor.

Garden statues and sculptures are an additional way to set your outdoor environment besides the others. These could be historical replicas, religious, or any style that fits using your overall plan. Outdoor lighting may add dramatic effect to both fountains and outdoor sculptures and make folks from walking into them inside dark.