The Home and Garden Television channel has get one with the most popular cable connection channels around today. The network was published in 1994 and it is currently belonging to Scripps Network Interactive. Its headquarters can be found in Knoxville, Tennessee. HGTV also offers sister stations. They are the Weather Channel, Food Network, Fine Living, DIY Network, Great American Country and Weatherscan. HGTV airs various programming tailored towards home remodeling, repair, decorating, designing, gardening and crafts.

HGTV airs such programs as “Sell This House,” “House Hunters,” Extreme Living” and “Weekend Warriors.” HGTV has over 100 different signifies that are either currently airing or have aired previously working with the home and garden industry. Home and Garden Television has turned into a leading source for design, do-it-yourself, remodeling and gardening strategies for beginners and experts aiming to upgrade the appearance and feel in their house and garden.

“House Hunters” would be the highest rated tv show airing on HGTV and it also airs nightly at 10pm. The show’s host is Suzanne Whang. The host follows around one or two or family looking for a house to acquire. The show comes with different realtors. Each episode features three properties how the viewers receive a tour of. At the conclusion with the show the objective buyer tells the host and also the audience which from the three properties he/she thought we would buy. The new owner then provides tour with the newly bought house, explaining what renovations were meant to the house before moving in. The show discloses the place that the properties are placed and how much will being requested each individual property.

One innovative show has been airing on HGTV since 2006 is “24 Hour Design.” “24 Hour Design” requires the renovation of a single room within a house occurring inside of one day. It usually takes around 10 hours possibly even to complete as well as the budget is set for $2,000. The host from the show, Angelo Surmelis, discusses while using owners of the property which room must be redesigned and just how it must be done. In the final hour with the show the renovated room is revealed plus an explanation emerged as to what ended and for what reasons.

HGTV, like all other television networks around today, does air reality shows. Their most in-demand reality show currently airing is “Design Star.” “Design Star” necessitates the show’s contestants designing an area or filling empty space with unique items during each new episode. The unique items could be from a pet shop, a repair shop shop or maybe a discount store. The challenge is finding the optimum way to have the design look popular with the eye even thought the products used may not be.

The Home and Garden Television Network has enough different programming for everyone’s different interests involving home and garden repair and design. With over 100 different shows to pick from, beginners and experts can usually benefit from watching the Home and Garden Television Network. HGTV: “Start at Home.”