If you plan to enlarge your home, you only first consider the effects the extension should have on the overall form of the building. Certain shape combinations are auspicious, although some are not. At the same time, you will need to analyze what effect the extension can have on the overall position of the home and what impact it could have on the directional sector it occupies.

Another means of determining the Feng Shui results of extensions is always to look at the element represented because of the sector the place that the extension would be to be built, after which check its affect e element represented by the main door. Thus, in the event the extension would be to be built about the northern side on the town, it represents the element water. If the main door can be found facing the southeast(which represents small wood) then your extension will boost the door’s Feng Shui, since water produces wood.

If, about the other hand, the extension is situated in the northwest, representing big metal, then a extension can have a detrimental effect about the door, since metal destroys wood. This technique of analysis is extremely recommended, since element analysis is probably the fundamental principles coming from all Feng Shui practice.

This same analysis can be applied to the structure of gazebos, stand-alone garages, as well as other large structures planned with the home.

Fences and walls can divide the boundaries of the property from external influences. Walls, by way of example, work well barriers that may block out the effects of harmful objects including boulders, fast-flowing or clogged up drains, telephone poles, and whole host of other inauspicious structures. The design of walls should, however, be harmonized using the landscape.