After some shopping on the web. A very stylish lamp-post arrived with instructions. Well to fit a lamp-post you will need electric and you may need a foundation. If you follow my articles you could have read that I installed a glass block window and brought the electric line out your front door in the corner of one of these brilliant windows. I was thinking ahead. So that line, using direct burial cable. I brought that to the right front corner and hang up a plug, within a water proof box.

So from that point towards the lamp-post at about top of the head height I needed 35 feet of cable. Well you can buy 50 foot lengths so I purchased 50 feet and also a foundation tube 4 ft long 10 inches around or 12 inches and 3 bags 80 lbs of concrete mix. If you use a designated shovel at the appropriate time of the year you can cut the sod and lift a piece at a time. So I would do 4 shovel widths at the same time. Working my way along and having a lawn tool to stuff the electric line within the sod. If you get the hang of this you may bury the cable 4-6 inches down all over the lawn and tamp the sod into place in just a matter of about thirty minutes.

It seems tough part was digging to 24 inches having a post hole digger. I did not employ a spike or long bar which has a sharp tip to interrupt up the soil. Below about 12 inches it had been clay. I needed in regards to 14 inch hole in your yard to put a 10 inch tube in and fill with cement. You can find more detail about installing cement foundations somewhere else. I’ll just claim that you pour an inverted T shape on your lawn so the T bar reaches 24 inches and also the foundation tube may be the long part brings you approximately soil level. This really involved a long time like a couple of hours in the heat.

Before pouring cement I placed the electric line and created sure 7 feet remained on top of the earth once the inspiration set. Then to the whole went half a bag of cement to for that T shape the other way up. Then in goes the inspiration tube. Cement is added soon you get up for the top. I filled it right to your top. The base to your lamp-post had 3 aluminum spikes through an L shape about the bottom. That get set from the wet cement. Notes for the online purchase said a lot of people had trouble having the bolts to align with all the holes. So I made a plywood template to carry them. And when that it was hardened and I removed web site my bolts too were off. I Screwed the nut down all the way up but not tight. I Held a 2×4 facing it to guard it. I struck the 2×4 thrice to deal with the bolts to fit within the base. Then assembly was easy the fishing line goes up and also you assemble the post, my post arrived three sections.

Lastly the lamp continues on top. Note the holes will not be drilled, so that it is possible to square the light with all the street. You can mount it with any orientation you want. I put mine in and was intending to add a day night sensor but I found a socket sensor for under $7 bucks. So I installed this place for simplicity and price.