For most home rehabilitation projects, flooring is probably the major challenges for those homeowners though with natural limestone you can be confident you create the right choice. With so many options for your finger tips it is critical to get all the facts in order to making a decision each option has their unique benefits and advantages within the others. Natural limestone has become one of the most popular flooring materials simply because of its durability, elegance and pure beauty.

Natural limestone is constructed of grains of calcium carbonate deposits from skeletal structures of marine organisms, which has been deposited and compacted over the years. There is also a way of limestone that’s purely made out of chemical reactions producing aragonite and calcite. Limestone may also contain silicates from skeletal deposits of siliceous marine organisms.

Discover why the Romans loved by using this in such great architecture much like the Colosseum

Limestone is extensively mined and found in architecture since ancient times. It has embedded its mark from the most important buildings of the civilization. Probably the most prominent limestone architecture would be the Great Pyramids in Egypt. They are created from limestone blocks carved from limestone quarries. Medieval castles and churches have been constructed using natural limestone. The Romans of their buildings have used travertine, another way of limestone. The Colosseum, which could be the largest amphitheatre from the world, is created entirely of travertine. They have survived for hundreds of years and have found their used in modern architecture and design.

Natural limestone can be quite easy to install and is incredibly durable

Limestone paving is popular inside home garden and patio flooring. They come in the sort of limestone tiles, which is often installed easily. They are ideal for use outdoors as they are quite durable and immune to the elements. In fact, they have survived for millennia in ancient architectures. They also have a nice-looking colour and texture that blends well together with the natural surroundings. Through recent innovations, liquid limestone paving is developed and well appreciated by homeowners worldwide.

Liquid limestone is poured like cement to make garden paths and patio flooring. It hardens with a limestone finish, which can be undeniably low maintenance. It has high thermal resistance so that it is cooler than other flooring. It also carries a solid construction, which eliminates gaps where weeds and in some cases anthills can colonize. While they are highly stable and never shift like tile flooring, they’re able to develop cracks, that is normal for solid construction. During installation, control lines are usually cut in the limestone to avoid cracking. However, from the case that larger cracks become visible, they are able to easily be retouched through the contractors that installed them.