The personal ownership of the parties, which has not yet been shared among themselves, including, but not limited to, household furniture, clothing, collections, computer equipment and works of art, is divided as follows: And the only obvious solution that most families find is the path to the courts, remaining stuck in disputes, instead of settling the dispute amicably , where these people do not realize that litigation is not only costly but at the same time a laborious procedure. In addition, there is also a guarantee of a satisfactory outcome of litigation. Some families may wish to resolve property disputes outside the court. To this end, they may engage in a family comparison contract that must be signed by all members who acknowledge that the agreement was not entered into by fraudulent means, violence and coercion committed by a family member. Not only real estate or real estate, stocks, debts, family queres are also areas where family comparison is useful. Dispute settlement – transaction offers (Calderbank, WPSAC and Part 36) The sale is a transfer of ownership for a price paid or promised or in part of the parties promised and promised. The transfer by the sale of items on the value of rupees of more than one hundred or more can be made by a registered instrument. Th… It is therefore important to be aware of frequent ambushes as we try to design and implement an agreement to ensure that there will be no controversy about this in the future. A family comparison is a pacifying procedure in which a stranger, usually an older family member or lawyer, assists and accompanies the whole family in deciding on a mutually acceptable solution to the property dispute. A lease agreement is governed by the provisions of Chapter IX of the Indian Contracts Act. It generally covers joint daily financing agreements, such as the purchase of consumer goods such as motor vehicles, computers, household appliances such as televisions, etc.

It is not possible to revoke an act of family comparison duly executed, except by the decree of a court. A family comparison contract can be submitted orally or in a written format, but documentation is recommended as it helps to avoid confusion. In addition, the family facility may be limited to property, but may also include personal assets such as cash, money in bank accounts, cars, bicycles, jewelry, etc. However, a family comparison contract is generally used to settle common property, including family ownership or co-ownership, in relation to acquired or individual property. boilerplate clauses – see: The development of transaction agreements – modular clauses below a real estate comparison contract (PSA), sometimes referred to as the marital comparison contract, is the document that breaks down what each spouse receives when a divorce is final.