When creating your home herb garden, there are numerous options available to you personally, I have created this listing of tips in order to simplify the method if you have not a clue where to start, or are enduring information overload!

Choose 3 herbs for starters, you should buy a set of three small pots within a shared tray that may be small enough to match on a window ledge and appearance very attractive. You can decide to grow from seed or buy small potted herbs. These could well be very handy in order to smoke with if put in the kitchen, try and make sure they are in the position to get a good amount of sun.
Do research on the herbs you have selected and consider whether will stay indoors or perhaps be planted outside. If you decide to plant them outside (when they're sufficiently established naturally), I would advise to plant in a very pot about the patio in the beginning, this can allow you to move the herb easily towards the most beneficial location (pertaining to sunshine) because of it to flourish.
As you move herbs outdoors (or even to another location in your own home) you may then start growing another herb from the vacant pot, thus building your collection and discovering each one gradually.
As knowing about it increases, you will be in the much better position to development an outdoor herb garden, which herbs will thrive through which type of soil and which need one of the most sunshine etc. A word of warning therefore here: should you be growing mint, I would ensure that is stays in its own pot or container -- mint completely overwhelmed all of my herbs and ran riot inside my first work for balance a home herb garden outdoors!
To preserve your herbs , you are able to dry them, freeze them or preserve them in salt or vinegar. Freezing is just about the simplest way initially, wash and chop into inch long segments, freeze organized flat on greaseproof paper so when frozen you'll be able to put them to a sealable bag, along with a label might be a good idea for identification, particularly if you store many herbs from the freezer!
Enjoy your herbs, be proud of them, make use of them in recipes and increase the flavour and aroma from the dishes you create. It is very satisfying to find out you have grown them yourself and that they are natural, organic and free of chemicals.
You could also want to check into using herbs for medicinal purposes, to remain used in natural treatments for centuries, for instance using lavender to help you sleep. Herbal teas can also be very popular right now, for instance chamomile tea, peppermint tea etc.