Pembroke School Enterprise Agreement 2019

Moving from school to full-time employment When a worker has exhausted all personal paid leave entitlements, he or she is entitled to unpaid personal leave to care for family members or households who are ill and in need of care and assistance, or who need care in the event of an unexpected emergency. The employer and the worker agree on the time frame. In the absence of an agreement, the worker is allowed to take unpaid leave per occasion for up to two days (up to 16 hours maximum) provided the requirements of 31.7 and 31.8 are met. 25.7.1 If, in a given company or workplace, an agreement is reached between the employer and the majority of workers for the payment of additional contributions to a fund other than HOST-PLUS, the Commission is called upon to change the functioning of the arbitration award for the company or workplace concerned. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is working to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to help us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to Pacific Hotel, 4 Stephen Street Balmain 2041Pacific Hotel, Yamba 2464Paddington Inn 338 Oxford Street Paddington 2021Paddle-Wheel Hotel, Gol Gol 2739Padstow Park Hotel, Howard Road Padstow 2211Pagewood Hotel, 2 Maroubra Pagewood Roadwood 2035Palace Hotel, Ardlethan 2665Palace Hotel, Flinders – Dowling Streets Sydney 2000Palace Hotel, George – Hay Streets Sydney 2000Palace Hotel, Tennyson Road Mortlake 2137Palisade Hotel, JB Brewer Legal Bran MSB of NSW Circular Quay 2000Palm – Pawn Hotel, Motel Olympic Street Wagga Wagga 2650Panania Hotel, Anderson Avenue Panania 2213Panorama Hotel, Bulli 2516Paragon Hotel, 1 Loftus Street Sydney 2000Paragon Hotel, Mudgee 2850Park Beach Hotel, Ocean Pde Coffs Harbour 2450 Park Inn Hotel, 88-90 Oxford Street Woollahra 2025Park View Hotel, 141 Conadilly Street Gunnedah 2380Park View Hotel, 281 Summer Street Orange 2800Park View Hotel, Maitland – Dean Streets Islington 2296Park View , Motel 93 Prince Street Grafton 2460Parkes Hotel, 1 Welcome Street Parkes 2870Parkview Hotel, Mitchell Road – Harley Alexandria 2015Parkway Hotel, Frenchs Forest – Warringah Rds Frenchs Forest 2086Parramatta Hotel, Parramatta 2150Pastoral Hotel, 110 Talbragar Street Dubbo 2830Pastoral Hotel, Mathoura 2710Pastoral Hotel, PO Box 63 Lavington 2641Paterson Tavern Paterson 2421Paxton Hotel, Paxton 2325Peach Tree Inn Hotel, Cnr. Peach Tree – Castlereagh Rds Penrith 2750Peakhurst Inn Hotel, Forest Road Peakhurst 2120Pearl Perch Hotel, Kempsey 2400Pearly Shells Motor Inn Hotel, Moruya 2537Peel Inn Hotel, Nundle 2340Peel es Inn Hotel, Berridale 2628Pendle Inn Hotel, Wentworth Avenue Pend hill 2145 Pennant Hills Inn Hotel, Pennant Hills Road Pennant Hills 2120Penrith Centre Tavern Station Street – Union Lane Penrith NSW 2750Penrith Hotel, Penrith 2750Penshurst Hotel, Victoria Avenue – Penshurst Street Penshurst 2222Percy Hotel 65 George Single Street , Kosciusko National Park Perisher Valley 2630Petersham Inn Hotel, 386 Parramatta Road Petersham 2049Phoenix Hotel, 1 Moncur Street Woollahra 2025Piccadilly Hotel, 171 Victoria Street Sydney 2000Picton Hotel, Picton 2571Pier Hotel, 1751 Botany Road Botany 2019Pier Hotel, Camperdown Street Coffs Harbour 2450Pier One Tavern Pier One Walsh Bay 2000Pine Inn Hotel, 19 Parramatta Road Concord 2137Pioneer Hotel, Boomi 24 00Pioneer Tavern Cnr Bringelly Road – Maxwell Street Kingswood 2750Plantation Hotel, 88 Grafton Street Coffs Harbour 2450Plough – Harrow Hotel, Argyle Street No.

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Nurses Collective Agreement 2019

Lynton Lodge Hospital September 2019 to August 2020 Some services available to MNU members are not included in the collective agreement, but are provided by pension and trust benefits advice: here are some scenarios that show the impact of a classification change on nurses who receive the Long Service Step. For example, an LPN may change RN classifications; or a nurse II, III, IV or V could receive transport to a higher classification. (In all cases, “20 years of service” refers to the definition given in section 2105.) Presbyterian Support Southland October 2019 to September 2020 The parties also agree that such a lump sum payment will be made to nurses during a salary period after the last date of the two-hour period after September 30 of each year. Total Health Services August 2019 to August 2020 Ativas Ltd TA Cairnfield House October 2019 – October 2020 Heritage Lifecare limited TA as Puriri Court Rest home and hospital July 2017 – June 2019 Christchurch Method Mission Wesley Homecare Home and Hospital October 2019 to October 2020 The Royal NZ Plunket Society Main Collective Agreement September 2019 – March 2021 The majority of nurses contribute to a defined benefit retirement plan through the Healthcare Employees Pension Plan (HEPP). Benefits are competitive in the health market and benefit from a higher early retirement regime. The benefit depends on your contribution years in the plan. BUPA Care Services NZ Ltd MUCA July 2019 to June 2020 Bupa Care Services NZ Ltd Senior Nurse October 2018 to September 2019 Workers Health Care Limited September 2016 – August 2019 The majority of nurses can provide via HEBP, which offers death coverage up to 4 times their salary. There are also accidental deaths and reports of dismemberment. DHB Southland Administrative February 2019 to January 2022 Central PHO (T/A) THINK Hauora July 2019 to June 2020 Te Aroha and District Health Services Charitable Trust April 2019 to March 2,020 Leslie Groves Hospital and Rest Home August 2019 – September 2020 The majority of nurses participate in the D-R Plan for Health Care Workers (HEBP), which protects their income for long-term illnesses and disabilities for two-thirds of their income. The employer pays the entire premium up to 2.3%.

Heritage Lifecare Coldstream July 2018 to June 2019 Aranui Home and Hospital Ltd July 2019 to June 2020 Collective bargaining and lobbying with governments with other community members have given minimum standards to unions: one of the hallmarks of workplace unionism is a collective approach to wages and employment conditions. The Remote Isolation/Link Allowance is paid annually to all nurses (including full-time, part-time and casual) as follows: all nurses who have 20 years of service (according to section 2105) and… Kawerau SS Trust Mountain View July 2019 to March 2021 Nurse Maude Admin and after-sales service April 2019 to June 2020 St John of God Hauora Trust Health and Ability Services October 2017- September 20 19 Radius Residential Care Limited August 2019 to August 2020 Arowhenua Whau Services September 2019 to August 2020 A collective agreement is a written contract, a binding contract between the Union and the employer, which sets the terms of employment. The Manitoba Nurses Union is constantly sought to improve working conditions, wages and benefits through the negotiation of new collective agreements. Rannerdale War Veterans Home Ltd July 2019 to June 2020 The majority of nurses participate in the HEBP Dental Plan, which covers: Lester Heights Hospital Ltd October 2017 to September 2019 Te Whare Ngakau Trust December 2019 to November 2021 Summerset Collective October 2019 to September 2020 Enliven Presbytes Assistance Central January 2019 to January 2020 Major collective agreements are available as PDFs below.

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Non Compete Non Solicitation Agreement Sample

Also try to understand the company`s concerns about why you want to sign a non-compete agreement. It is therefore advisable to let them know that you agree with their concerns. A good understanding of each other`s concerns can help build a level of compassion, post that you can also get common ground on issues like geographical restrictions of the agreement, duration, etc. A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employer and a worker in which the worker promises not to compete directly after the expiry of the period of employment, and also while he is still employed in that locality. The agreement also prohibits employees from talking about sensitive information or company-related secrets, both during the employment period and during the time. PandaTip: Your non-invitation agreement should have a clearly defined term that begins when the employer and employee separate. Most non-demand agreements take 24-36 months, but you can adapt this model with your company`s preferred duration. As a general rule, employers exclude non-competition clauses to ensure that, at the end of the employment period, the worker is not in the habit of cooperating with a direct competitor or setting up his own business in the same niche. This is why independent contractors and consultants are subject to non-competition obligations, so they cannot connect to companies in similar sectors.

This is the first benefit that employees can use with non-compete agreements. It is true that it may seem a little restrictive to sign such an agreement, but it also comes with compensation that deserves to be signed. If you are dissatisfied with the terms of employment presented, signing a non-compete agreement effectively increases your ability to negotiate with your employers. Since you sign this agreement, the application of restrictions to your future means that if you leave the company, you have the right to negotiate and change certain conditions depending on what is more convenient for you. An employer must meet certain criteria before a non-competition clause is upheld in court. Non-competition prohibitions are difficult to enforce because they affect a person`s ability to support themselves. No no. There is no legal or general obligation to authenticate a non-competition agreement. However, it must be signed by the party against which the application must be applicable.

The function, which generally makes a non-competition agreement legally binding, is a reasonable restriction. This means that there are clear areas where staff may or may not work, how long it will take for an employee to work in those areas, etc.

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Nest Agreement

Indeed, when it comes to the drawbacks of a bird`s nest plan, I think many of the drawbacks are financial. A: There are a number of important factors. Parents should be prepared to develop, perhaps with the help of a therapist, a detailed and structured ice jam plan that would outline foreseeable problems and their resolution. Good communication, mutual respect and trust may need to be strengthened, which will require the commitment of both parents. Another factor is the level of contact that separated spouses can tolerate, since minimizing conflict is a general objective. Parents must be able to enter into and abide by agreements. (a) the changes made to these conditions. Nest reserves the right to make changes to these conditions. Nest will publish changes to one or more of the following options: this page, a website, web applications or mobile apps.

You should make sure that you have read the latest conditions and that you agree with them when using the services and products. The continued use of services and products after notification of these changes must indicate your acceptance of such changes and your consent to adapt the amended conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THE CHANGES TO ANY OF THE CONDITIONS, YOU MUST DISCONNECT YOUR PRODUCTS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AND STOP ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS. This agreement replaces all previous agreements, agreements and agreements between the parties and constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to their purpose. A: Nesting can support the creation or pursuit of the positive and safe attachment of children to each parent. The image will also help each parent adjust to being a single parent, while minimizing stress for children. Successful inse disbelief gives everyone time to participate fully in the growth and education of children. By using the software (“product software” built into the Nest Labs product (“Product”), you agree to the terms of this end-user license agreement (“EULA”) between you and Nest Labs, Inc. (“Nest Labs” or “us”). IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE TERMS OF THIS EULA, YOU CANNOT USE THE PRODUCT SOFTWARE AND YOU CAN CHOOSE TO STRAIGHTEN THE PRODUCT FOR A RECAST OF THE PRODUCT IN CONTACT WITH NEST LABS ON ADDRESS BELOW. Your use of (a) the site, located in and sub-domains (a “site”), b) services through the Site (and all subsequent updates) (“site services”) and (c) certain software that can be downloaded to your mobile device (and all updates to it) is subject to the terms of use that are subject to the restricted Nest Labs warranty for your purchase of the product (except the software).

conditions are made available to the product.

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Multicurrency Revolving Credit Facility Agreement

A multi-ticket facility is a credit facility that provides short- and medium-term fictitious euro loans to borrowers. Loans may have different structures and include unit values in many different national currencies. These organizations can also provide payment services to companies working within multiple currencies. Borrowers of multi-currency banknotes are usually large companies that have offices and facilities in many countries. These problems allow the company to finance specific projects that affect its multiple activities, using a single loan as opposed to several loans. A multi-currency loan is sometimes referred to as a unilingual theme. The multi-currency credit facility funds euro notes in the short to medium term. Banks hold funds in the currency of several countries, known as the euro currency, which they use for loans outside the country of issue. Despite its name, euro transactions do not need to include European countries. The euro currency is any currency held for deposit with a bank or financial institution that is not located in the same country as the country that issues the currency.

For example, the South Korean won (KRW), deposited with a bank in the United States, is considered a euro currency. The criteria for approving the loan depend on the level, size and sector in which the business operates. The financial institution generally reviews the company`s financial statements, including the income statement, cash flow account and balance sheet, when deciding whether the entity can repay a debt. The likelihood of the loan being approved increases when a business is able to demonstrate stable income, high cash reserves and a good credit score. The balance of a revolving credit facility can be between zero and maximum allowable. Note: The forms mentioned above for the real estate model were downloaded in November 2018 and follow the bank`s preferred credit contract. If you have feedback on these agreements, please refer to the credit product documentation Loans on these facilities are usually about every six months, so the borrower must accept the terms of the market exchange rate. For example, a medium-term euro-note (EMTN) is a flexible bond instrument, which requires firm payments and has a duration of less than five years.

Emtn makes it easier for an issuer to enter foreign markets to raise capital. The terms of the agreement detail the lender`s requirements for the type of repayment currency and exchange rate. Supreme Packaging secures a revolving credit facility for $500,000. The company uses the line of credit to cover the payroll while waiting for the payment of debits. Although the company consumes up to $250,000 per month from the revolving credit facility, it pays most of the balance and monitors the available balance. With another company signing a $500,000 contract for the ultimate packaging to package its products for the next five years, the packaging company is using US$200,000 of its revolving credit facility to purchase the necessary machinery. The main barrier to a multi-currency debt instrument is that the production of several currencies for a loan carries a significant risk for borrowers. The borrower assumes all the foreign exchange risk during the transaction, while the lender decides the currency in which it is repaid, usually at a predetermined exchange rate. Currency risk is the result of unexpected and unpredictable changes in interest rates between the two or more currencies. However, the splitting of each country`s specific currency loan can help reduce some related costs.

A multi-currency bank can provide a service for a multi-currency loan, which allows a borrower to obtain credit funds in several currencies or in several currencies. Multi-currency loans can help companies operating in more than one nation or those operating in countries with a

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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True Up

iv) true-up period. True-up or update instructions must be received by Microsoft between 60 and 30 days before each registration anniversary date. The true-up order or update count for the third year is due within 30 days of the expiry date and license bookings within that 30-day period are not accepted. Registered affiliates may more often submit true-up orders to account for the increase in product usage, but an annual order or update still needs to be submitted during the annual order period. The only way to allow your corporate products in this way is to release them in a legally sound way. With the enterprise agreement, you can purchase products that are only counted at the time of order, which can be processed to your advantage. For the counting of enterprise products, the wording in the inscription presents an obvious conflict that takes into account “changes” during the duration or since the last anniversary, but also, later, under the term “Enterprise Products at the time of orders”. The general view of many information technology professionals was that the enterprise agreement offered some seasonal accommodation or temporary duplication pay, and that the revised wording would clearly indicate the abandonment of a “trust-based model.” According to Microsoft, all devices contained in EA must be inventoried in the annual true-up process, including all servers, computers (desktops, laptops and devices) and mobile devices using licensed software from the Microsoft product list. So how do you count the number of instances provided by Microsoft products? Some clients use sophisticated asset management systems that allow them to scan their environment and produce online reporting. Others keep minute records of incremental deployments throughout the year. The larger the organization, the more complex the process.

However, at the end of the year, you will have to send a report to Microsoft and pay for any incremental use. You will receive unlimited user rights for enterprise products and additional products upon completion of the enterprise agreement. However, online services are products for which you only have temporary user rights for the duration of the contract. You will never receive permanent licenses for an online service product. Microsoft is naturally moving to a subscription model for many of its products, especially for Microsoft 365 products. A number of software inventory management tools are available, including microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), MS® Systems Management Server and MS® System Center Essentials. You can also do a manual inventory. Once completed, just compare your actual usage with the number of licenses displayed in your license sheet. You can access your license form at the MS® Volume Licensing Service Center If your actual number exceeds the number in the license table, you must submit an order for the difference. You can place any number of true-up orders during the year, but you must submit at least one during the period beginning 60 days before your EA`s birthday and 15 days after.

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Master Service Agreement Lawyer

A Master Service Agreement generally sets out a wide range of conditions for payment and payment disputes and, in many cases, these rules are reduced to more specific rules in a work statement. Often negotiated, the service provider`s right to suspend services in the event of a breach of the client, the right of the service provider to claim interest and the right to reimburse the client`s legal and collection costs when the client is unable to pay at maturity. As with most contractual agreements, Master Service Agreement is intended to specify generic terms such as. B: While some master-service agreements are written in the form of all-in-one documents including a number of services in a stand-alone agreement, most Master Service Agreements explicitly provide that they are used in combination with shorter related documents, such as a working statement. From a structural point of view, most legal conditions are negotiated once in the Master Service Agreement, and then specific work statements are executed for certain services ordered by a client. Conceptually, the concepts themselves are not often discussed, they are their nature, their magnitude, the dollar amounts and the exclusions that are at the heart of the parties` negotiations. For example, a client often wishes to clarify that certain restrictions do not affect a claimant`s obligations under specific contractual provisions, such as confidentiality, compensation and agreed restrictive agreements. On the other hand, a service provider can focus heavily on the level of direct exposure to damage it presents under MSAs and SEMs, so that its liability does not exceed the limits set by its risk management team. Like the area of guarantee, negotiations are often necessary to develop a balanced provision that meets the requirements of the parties.

One of the most typical types of contractual agreements used in open relationships or in situations where a company has to work on projects or projects with another company is the Master Service Agreement. This is not a surprise, as they are purely practical on the rather traditional project contract. Indeed, master service agreements are designed to be integrated into project-specific contracts that are complements or working instructions to the agreement itself and can be executed as such simultaneously with or after the MSA. For some technology transactions, for example, the parties enter into a separate technology licensing agreement and then a Master Service Agreement to address all related services. There are related agreements with your ASM, you must ensure that the entire structure cooperates and that contractual remedies are coordinated. This is often an important area of negotiation when multiple agreements are used. The goal of almost every contract is to reduce the risk and increase the reward for all parties involved.

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London Property Management Association Tenancy Agreement

This is a clause in a tenancy agreement that requires the tenant to do or not to do a particular act or activity related to the property. The owner of the land or land, z.B of a house or building. The owner may be an individual, an organization or a business incorporated by individual tenants. A break clause generally allows either a landlord or tenant to terminate the tenancy agreement earlier than the original fixed term. The clause is added to the temporary agreement and can be used after a date specified in the agreement. Relatively short rent (for example. B 12 months) which can be granted on a property in which the tenant owns exclusive property during this period. A legally binding agreement extending the duration of a long lease by a defined number of years. The whole package was developed from many years of experience on all sides of property management. We know exactly what to do and how to do it. T.A.

Property Management will manage all documents in a timely and professional manner to ensure that everything is properly executed, so that all parties involved are confident that the process will progress. A form that HMRC can be submitted by a landlord to request that its UK rental income be paid without deduction from UK tax. This is the case if it is an individual owner of a property in the UK and normally lives outside the UK. If more than one person is defined as a tenant, they are “jointly responsible.” This means that each person is responsible for meeting the obligations arising from the lease, both individually and collectively. The annual income of a property defined as a percentage of its value. A formal agreement that gives someone the occupation of a property for the rest of their life, usually without the right to transfer to another party. It is a term that is given to the rights that a person can enjoy another property, such as drainage rights, or the possibility of access to a garden or parking lot. A clause in the Landlords and Tenants Act 1985 is intended to protect tenants from paying unnecessarily large sums for work on their building. Owners or their designated managers are required to follow a mandatory consultation procedure if the cost of the construction of the property exceeds $250 for at least one apartment. This information is made available to new tenants on the day or before the start of the lease. It covers the rights and obligations of tenants as well as the rights and obligations of landlords. To view or print a copy – A company founded by local residents who, with the owner`s consent, assume responsibility for the management of the property.

A tenant`s obligation to “give in,” i.e. leave the property in a defined state of repair after termination. Calendar “A” – Click Download This form is for you to check and sign with the rental agreement. This report is part of the lease and covered the condition of the property at the beginning of the lease agreement. Customers have 7 days to record their comments on the report and return them to the Property Manager, with a copy kept by the customer. Click here for the Move-in/Move-out report The process of a taker who awards a lease to a third party, which is usually a short-term lease. Not all properties or districts allow for sublease. T.A. Property Management Inc.

has compiled a set of forms and documents that will support and protect our clients throughout the leasing and property management process. Our rental agreement, rental application, warranty form, transfer/subletting contract and inspection report are all legally registered and copyrighted documents of the London Property Management Association. We have also included a wide range of forms on the corporate letterhead to ensure the safety of our customers while advancing our business relationship.

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Lease Agreement Registration Charges In Gujarat

In Parikh`s case, only stamp duty is due to the fact that women are exempt from registration fees and therefore their total cost is ru 91.00,075. The basic rate of stamp duty in Gujarat is 3.50%, the total is 4.90%. The registration fee in Gujarat is 1%. To calculate it, the total price of the property is taken into account and this includes the clubhouse, parking, electricity deposit fees, etc. is a well-established legal technology service provider of contract projects and related services for individuals and businesses in India. Get project leases, wills, partnership contracts, gift certificates, proxy documents, sworn insurance, etc. for electronic stamping and incorporation services, has covered you. Once the contract has been concluded and signed and the lease is less than one year old, the document can be certified by the notary and, if the lease is more than one year, it must be registered with the local sub-registrar to make it enforceable in the event of a dispute. A registered lease retains more probative force than notarized. Stamp duty is set in the current legislation on stamps of the Indian state where the property is located for the execution of a rental contract. According to the Indian Constitution, stamp duty on these instruments is a “state issue” and the applicable stamp duty may therefore vary from state to state. The act must be subject to the registration of the sub-registry in the sub-district of which is the entire part of the land on which this report relates. Stamp duty is the amount of tax that a person pays to the government (central government and/or state of Gujarat) for the execution of different types of documents or documents related to some form of exchange, transaction or financial obligation.

Stamp duty is also levied when registering the sale, purchase or transfer of real estate. Stamp duty is paid when a document or document is registered, for example.B. for the registration of the partnership act or the LLP agreement in the event of LLP registration, stamp duty is levied. The documents required for the gujarat registration process correspond to those required in Uttar Pradesh, as explained above. Before applying for the registration of Gujarat properties, the certificate must be prepared. The preparation of the registration can be written personally by the executors or by the deceased by the payment of the corresponding tax. The tax for document recorders is based on the value of the property shown in the document. Step 22: The time window booking request form is displayed. They must provide information based on the information provided at the time of registration. Step 15: The stamp duty calculated on the new page and the registration fee are displayed. After verification, you can make the payment using the following methods: Home home Real Estate Trends” Stamp duty and registration fees in Gujarat Stamp taxes are the same for men and women in Gujarat.

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Ivanti End User License And Services Agreement

c. Personal data in the European Union. If you have data subjects in the European Union or the European Union, you are subject to the valid data processing addendum (DPA), available under “Subscription license.” A time-limited license for the use of the software, which expires at the end of a given period. The subscription-licensed software may contain code to automatically disable after the subscription period has expired. Ivanti makes the software available under two (2) general types of license (the “licensing types”): d. injury elimination. When defending or settling infringement claims, Ivanti may obtain a license to continue using the software or offer SaaS at its sole option and at its exclusive cost: (i) a license for further use of the software or SaaS offer; (ii) replace or modify the allegedly hurtful technology to avoid the offence; or (iii) if the above options are not commercially feasible under Ivanti`s exclusive ruling, refund all unused saaS offer royalties paid in advance at the time of termination or software charges amortized on a straight basis of more than thirty-six months. In the foregoing, the exclusive and exclusive liability of Ivanti and your sole recourse is liable for the violation or misappropriation of third party rights by the SaaS software or offer, either effectively or presumed. a.

Additional provisions relating to the use of the SaaS offer. If you purchase a SaaS offer (as a SaaS or Cloud offer on behalf of the invoice), you are subject to the terms of the agreement and The applicable provisions of Ivanti regarding the use of the SaaS offer that you find. f. training. You can also get training from the Ivanti Global Academy. The training is paid for by the acquisition of an individual license (1 user) or a business license (10 users). Private training can also be acquired. Cancellation fees are paid for private training cancelled on site at 50 per cent (50 per cent) That`s the way it is. course fees in case of cancellation in one (1) week after the start of the course or one hundred percent (100%) course fees if the course is not taken or if the termination is carried out less than one (1) week before the start of the course. Orders for Ivanti Global Academy training and professional services expire if they are not used within one (1) year from the date of the order.

Ivanti Indemnitees. You agree to compensate, compensate or settle claims, actions or third-party proceedings against Ivanti, its related companies and their respective employees, executives and directors (“Ivanti Indemnitee (s)”) for your unauthorized use of the Software and related services; (ii); Ivanti is in compliance with your designs, specifications or instructions; (iii) your unauthorized modification of the SaaS software or offer; and (iv) your instructions or non-compliance with the obligations of Section 16 (c) of this Agreement and the Data Protection Authority, and you must pay all costs and damages of third parties that have been granted or agreed in the decision on this claim between you and that third party; Provided Ivanti Indemnitee (n) informs you immediately of the request, so that a delay does not affect you; and (b) provide appropriate assistance in relation to defence or billing at your expense.

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