To subscribe to or click here to or click here Scota`s Tomb (or Scotia`s Grave) is located in a valley south of Tralee Town, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The area is known as Glenn Scoithin, “Vale of the Little Flower,” but is better known as Foley`s Glen. A road path leads along a stream to a clearing where a circle of large stones marks the burial site, as shown by a sign of the Landratsamt. Stephenson Harwood prepares a more detailed guide to SCoTA 8 for customers. Classes are held regularly in the main centres of the coal trade. There is no need for lengthy negotiations on the CT. Focus on pricing. Andrew of Wyntoun`s Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland and John de Fordun`s Chronica Genica Scotorum (1385) are sources of the legends of Scota, next to Thomas Grey`s La Scalacronica (1362). Hector Boeces Historia Gentis Scotorum of the 16th century (“History of the Scottish People”) also mentions the myth of the Scota Foundation.

globalCOAL has released the latest version of its Standard Coal Trading Agreement (SCoTA), as well as two new tradable specifications on its online commercial screen. The new contract – SCoTA version 8 – has been subject to a general revision so that it can play the role of a master agreement. It now allows users to have too clear financial obligations in the event of contract failure – a key advantage in today`s challenging credit environment. In addition, the v8 structure is simpler; the contractual element will remain fixed in the future, while the RSS (which sets coal specifications) will be easier to maintain and update. “For SCoTA users, this means less contractual risk, a simpler documentation process, better legal clarity and better credit protection,” says Eoghan Cunningham, CEO of globalCOAL. “SCoTA v8 should foster a more stable trading environment and free up capital, all of which would contribute to greater liquidity in the coal market.” Apart from that, globalCOAL has introduced two new instruments on its commercial screen, which create standardized markets for higher ash, lower CV coal supplied by FOB Australia and FOB Richards Bay, South Africa. Both products are marketed on an NCV basis of 5500 kcal/kg with maximum ash of 23%. Once you are a licensed user, you have access to our dedicated customer portal, where you can download the entire contract.

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