The program database is provided by Pervasive Software, Inc. (“Pervasive”). As part of its efforts to enable valid software licenses, Pervasive collects information about software and systems, including, but not limited to, information about your hardware, network and operating system, to clearly link the computer to your pervasive licenses. Data is collected during uninstalling facilities, product updates and any licensing management. No personal identity information is collected. If you are a new or upgrade customer who has not opted out of participating in the Sage BusinessWorks Product Improvement Program (“PEP”), you can be automatically registered with PEP when you install this program. About PEP, Sage collects information about your hardware and how you use wise software and product support and services. This information helps Sage identify trends and usage patterns to improve the quality of the products and services it offers. Sage will not collect BusinessWorks data or personally identifiable information.

Your participation in this program is voluntary – you can cancel pep at any time by accessing the program`s help menu. 1. d. individual database. Your license for this software gives you the right to create and manage a database for the licensed company, regardless of where that database is physically located. You can only save the database for archiving purposes. 14. Miscellaneous. This AEA is governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Vermont, without reference to conflict of law rules. In the event of a dispute or remedy between the parties, they agree to waive their personal jurisdiction and declare themselves to the meaning of the trial and jurisdiction before the Federal District Court for Vermont or the Vermont Superior Court of Windsor County. The application of the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts is expressly excluded. This ECJ defines all the rights of the user of the software and constitutes the whole agreement between the parties.

This CLA replaces all other communications related to the software. This REPORT can only be amended by a written supplement published by a duly accredited MISYS representative. A provision of these provisions is deemed to waive, unless such a waiver is made in writing and signed by MISYS or a duly accredited representative of MISYS.